Origamic Acrhitecture


Origamic architecture is a variant of origami and kirigami that involves both cutting and folding paper. Originally centered around producing 3D reproductions of buildings, origamic architecture can be used for all manner of physical objects or geometric patterns. Origami architecture differs from traditional pop-up cards in that a single piece of paper is used with [...]



From the Japanese words "kiru" (to cut) and "kami" (paper), kirigami is an ancient art form that involves cutting intricate shapes into paper. The cutting may be coupled with folding to create 3D structures. All examples were cut by hand using a #11 Exacto Blade, most using the highly recommended Fiskars Fingertip holder.



Origami is the art of folding paper. For more papercraft, check out my origamic architecture and kirigami pages. You can also find a more comprehensive collection of my work on my Flickr page. Original Designs Reproductions Modular Origami [...]



My experience working with glass began at the North Carolina State University Craft Center. During my time in Raleigh, I took three stained glass classes as well as a fused glass class. The selections below highlight a few of the pieces that I created during that time. Stained Glass [...]